Los Angeles Times reported earlier this month, "L.A. Unified board picks Richard Vladovic as new president. By replacing Monica Garcia with Vladovic, the LAUSD board signals the waning influence of former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. This begs the question: Are days numbered for embattled Superintendent John Deasy?

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Apocalypse Will Be Televised Even If No One Shows Up

I remember years ago watching on cable TV a football game being played inside an empty stadium. The score was 0-0 after three quarters. The commentators were a couple of washed-up jocks, and the sponsors were selling beer, fast food and boner pills.
Today CNN is recreating a similar scenario with blanket coverage of Rev. Jerry Jones, shepherd of the 50 or so saps comprising the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, FL, threatening to burn Korans tomorrow--the anniversary of 9/11.
But wait! It appears he's calling it off after scoring a meeting with a big-shot imam in New York to discuss relocating the proposed mosque further from the World Trade Center site.
Hold on. CNN is now reporting the imam denies any such agreement. Jones says the book burning is back on.
Toss onto this growing pile of crap reports that the Obama Administration, including the President himself, has been on the phone negotiating with Jones to call off the bonfire. An Arabic cable news network will air the spectacle to the Muslim world, potentially infuriating a hordes of self-appointed Saladins to burn flags or worse--shove a bomb up their ass before boarding a U.S.-bound jet.
Bill Maher couldn't write a better sequel to "Religulous." Instead of anointing  Billy Joe Bible spokesman for American Christians, shouldn't the Imam be talking with the Archbishop of New York? For that matter, wouldn't it be a nice idea for leaders from the main faiths--Christianity (Catholic and Protestant), Judaism and Islam met to compare notes on current events and bridge building? Heck, invite Buddhist monks, too. But we better put Samoan bouncers at the door to turn away whackos.
As for the Mosque--instead of telling Muslims what they can't do in an otherwise free society, we ought to also finance a cathedral and a synagogue inside the same area. In addition to providing jobs under Obama's Economic Recovery Act, humanity would be wisely hedging our Eternal bets, as well as honoring the Christians, Jews, Muslims, and athiests who died in the WTC because demons acted on behalf of their god.
If we are going to pit our brothers against each other lets do it in a controlled environment where people will want to buy a few tickets--or beer, burgers and Viagra.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome to Blocker's Blog, a place where you will find ideas and opinions that hopefully will make sense. I'm not here to piss anybody off, unless they need pissing off. I will voice opinions on current events, pop culture trends and observations about everything from comic strips to movies.
Right now (Mon. Sept. 6 @ 10:30 p.m.) on the news it seems protesters are forming at 6th & Union in the Westlake District. They are angry because officers from the Los Angeles Police Dept. shot a knife wielding man who reportedly lunged at them earlier today after ignoring their shouts to drop the knife.
Even though protesters claim the cops could have acted with more restraint, these kids are mad about something other than the death of that chump. After all, the locals called 911 to complain about this fool in the first place. No, these guys are out there protesting what they feel is a hostility toward illegals as a whole. Los gringos aren't so simpatico anymore.
I'd be pissed off too if I busted my ass to walk up here through the searing desert, trying to elude La Migra y coyotes trying to hold me for $2,000 ransom, only to get up here and there aren't any jobs, childless women or reasonably priced beer.
It's all gone. The only thing left are cops, lunatics and slumlords wanting rent. And it ain't gonna get better anytime soon. Welcome to America. Good luck. My advice is to travel light, use your wits and don't pay any attention to statistics. Keep a low profile and pay attention to your instincts--and the cops if you've earned one's undivided attention.
If you're an American who thinks we're being invaded, chill out. Go to East LA and order a No. 7, or go to Valley Boulevard and get a hot bowl of Pho. This ain't 1964 any more. And that's a good thing--just ask a black person. Yep, cracker. It's time to turn off KKK-FI and roll down your window. Hear that thumping bass from the lowrider in the next lane? Listen to the lyrics. They can't sing, but the rhymes are pretty clever if not overtly violent.